Welcome back, let’s finish what we started and get this list sorted – ok?

Following on from part 1, as regards getting your subscribers to the stage of KNOW-LIKE-TRUST, you should ask yourself this question. How many times have you bought something of amazing value, from a complete stranger immediately ? And if you did, how did that work out?

Exactly, nobody is going to buy anything off you, when they simply don’t know you.

Step #2)

Make sure there is a genuine need of the product you want to promote. Don’t concern yourself if it turns out you are not the guru in your niche, most of us aren’t. But do concern yourself with researching and learning everything about the products benefits, features and how it helps the customer. This will help cement your position as an expert, in the mind of the prospect. 

You’ll see in many reports etc, it’s suggested that it helps if you’re extremely passionate about the niche. To an extent it’s true, but not essential. Due diligence really is the key factor here, just do your homework. Another tip is to make sure there are plenty of promo content available for any opt-ins you do get. This can really help with the viral aspect of selling products online.

Step #3)

Reach out to other list builders in your space, especially successful ones. Usually, people are only to happy to give advice, tips etc. You can really benefit from this tactic. Of course, there are many articles floating around online that claim to of re-invented the list building wheel. But standing on the shoulders of a giant in your niche, in my opinion is one hell of a view. Not to mention this strategy can really help to fast-track you to success.

Marketers with real experience have the knowledge to share and steer you in the right direction. They can tell you the do’s and don’ts of list building.

Remember, the goal is to build a profitable email list, but it’s not going to be an overnight sensation. You must be prepared to lay the foundations properly. Some work will be needed if you really want to grow your list and maintain a high level of quality. Focus on keeping your list totally up to date, and clutter free. Reach out and get some help with setting your list up if you feel it would help. No matter what, make sure that when your audience opt in to your list, always over deliver the value. If you can achieve that you’ll have a buyers list to be proud of.

Feel free to comment below: What is the biggest obstacle to your list building right NOW?

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