You’ve been living under a rock, when suddenly it hits you….

That’s right, you need an email list. It’s going to prove an almighty challenge, trying to make money online without one. So, you get busy and set one up. No problem, it’s easy because every internet guru and their dog has one. And of course, they’re only to happy to help, for a price of course. One problem, even after all the superstar advice you still can’t make any money.

Oh, it gets worse, you’re burning a hole in your wallet. Overheads are crushing you. Content creators aren’t cheap, well not the good ones anyway. Even though you have a bit of an audience, you still can’t get much traction. Few buyers active, which means you are losing, instead of winning. Your stats reveal the ugly truth.

What’s wrong? How come people seem to come up smelling of roses with them opt in forms, but you absolutely stink. Well, it’s because you took a huge bungee jump without the elastic attached. You took the road most travelled, worked a niche where everyone cashes in, allegedly. Your reality, however, doesn’t quite match the brochure. Expectations need to be adjusted, dropping a few lines to your audience doesn’t always mean instant cash surge.

It’s ok, it’s not your fault. Let me give you a little advice. If you’ve been down this street before and fired up your squeeze page and got burned. Well believe me, you can still rise from the proverbial ashes and fly. If you’re just starting out, then pay attention. Learn the smart way to assemble a profit spitting email list. Are you ready? Good, keep reading…

Step #1)

Three words that you must live and breath by, regardless of what niche your in. Ready?
KNOW-LIKE-TRUST. It’s the basis of everything that you do when building your base. Don’t just throw your product at a list before you’ve done your apprenticeship. Showcase your knowledge in multiple ways ahead of any launch. Prove to potential subscribers that you can help them. Find out where they hang out online, forums etc, and get a snapshot of their pain points, and go about resolving their issues.

Offer your expertise in your chosen field on as many relevant platforms, plant a resource box with a reference link back to your site. This way people who have gotten value from you via comments and interactions, articles you’ve written, will search you out. They’ll naturally want to get even more value from you, as you are positioning yourself as the go to person in that niche. This is where the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST breeds.

Look Out for Part Two – Coming Soon!

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