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As content providers we have the capability to keep an eye on all of our KPI’s (key performance indicators). Clicks, clickthrough rates, impressions, heat spots.
They tell us exactly how our ad formats are performing.
Detailed reports inform us as to how a singular ad of our choice is responding.
Allowing us to spot any specific trends, to help impact ROI.

Because of second by second coverage, it is commonplace these days to change direction of an ad almost on the fly. Popular content receiving the most attention can be leveraged to impact an ad campaign positively. If the money rolls in for both you and the advertisers, its never to much of a challenge to meet the ever-increasing demands of investors in the AdSense platform.

Everyday brand-new tools are being published so that website owners can monetize and automate any number of tasks, allowing them a micro view of their site’s performance.

To conclude, the overriding factor is that businesses have caught on to the no brainer question of if they should advertise on the platform. Think about it, they don’t need to worry about target driven content being written for their site. In this aspect, You the blog owner has this already covered. It’s no wonder that a web visitor clicks on their ad, because they are in the right place at the right time.

Website owners who are conscious of their content, in many ways do the heavy lifting, and keep it fresh and maintained. On the flip side, not all websites use AdSense, but there’s nothing stopping them outsourcing their content, and suddenly they can come to the party as well. You see cash injected websites are available to all.

Targeted fresh content underpins what the AdSense platform was built for. The more you micro manage your content, the google search engines ads will be more targeted giving you a bigger ROI. The smart bloggers and webmasters spend most of their time perfecting their copy skills or outsourcing their content requirements to the best copywriters. This is the way to go in order to keep the money coming in, that the ads bring.

Businesses both online and offline are becoming more aware of the advantages from placement ads. Marketers in turn are increasing their skillset to leverage the power of others, namely publishers, and the platform itself.

A business is by its nature about profit, your website is no different, if it is part of your online business platform. Surely there can be little doubt therefore, that is in indeed essential that the Google AdSense program be part of your online strategy.

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    2 replies to "Google AdSense, Does Your Blog Need It? – part 2"

    • Adam Henderson

      Hi Keith,
      Again good information I can’t help that notice you do not have Adsense on your Blog,
      is this your conclusion that you don’t need it?
      look Forward to your Reply

      Kind Regards


    • Keith Watkins

      Hi Adam, On the contrary, many bloggers have Adsense on their site and are getting great results. My ,main focus is on getting eyeballs on my blog content. Drive a decent amount of traffic to my site regularly, and then jump on the Adsense train. Google has a pretty strict code on who gets in, it’s important that you meet their criteria if you want to be successful in your application. Believe me, I need Google AdSense or an alternative, and so will you.
      All the best, cheers.

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