Let’s get a better understanding of how AdSense operates, then we might be able to answer that…

A cool concept, here’s how it works. You, the blog owner, will strategically put some java script on one of your sites pages. Now when visitors land on your page, the script triggers advertisement from the Google AdSense program. If everyone is reading the script, no pun intended, then those adverts should in theory be related to the content on your page, that’s presenting the ad. When your visitor clicks on the ad, you get paid a percentage of the ad spend, that Google receives from the advertiser.
Still with me?

Well the good news is that Google deals with all the backend data, and all the processing. So, you don’t need to concern yourself with tracking, payments, prospecting for advertisers for example. Also, you don’t have to chase after money from advertisers, or watch the clicks and stats which frankly can take for ever. It’s obvious that there seems to be a never-ending supply of businesses wanting to advertise on the platform. So those ads just keep on coming. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a website owner, or marketer for example, complain about the actual ads themselves. Probably not, no they are more concerned with the money that can be made.

Google AdSense has in many ways proven its expertise in leveraging the needs of advertisers and marketers alike. There’s been a steady progression of advancement, not only in terms of the appearance and formatting options that webmasters can now take advantage of. Also, the sheer volume of ad templates, made to fit any type of webpage, has been a major factor in the platform holding its dominant position in the ad space online.

All this has given licence to you, to receive a much-improved click through rate from your visitors. Fact is they just may not be that conscious of what it is they’ve stumbled upon. Which ties into the whole art of surfing the net. People just get lost in the moment online, we’ve all done it if were honest. Hey, the G’ doesn’t mind, it’s all power to the no.1 search engine, if their content is consumed, and makes for a hefty ROI at the same time.

Another factor is the apparent skill of the platforms  advertisers to keep up with all the analytics. They know everything about their online assets, and so they should.

They even know how much money has been earned based upon the various channels that bloggers like you and I occupy. But of course, analytics run both ways.

Look Out for Part 2 – Coming Soon!

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    • Adam Henderson

      Hi Keith,
      a nice insight to Google Adsense quite relevant as I believe next weeks lesson P2S is about Adsense
      just going to read part 2
      Thanks for the information keep up the good work

      To your Success

      Kind Regards


    • Keith Watkins

      Hey Adam, thanks for the input, very much appreciated and all the best with PS2.

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