#1. My formal education ended one sunny afternoon in the month of May, I was sixteen…

had only one major qualification to speak of and I had no plan as to what I was
going to do with the rest of my life. Further education was even further from my
mind, and so I got my first job, wrapping parcels for a mom and pop store that sold
grommets. Since then I’ve had quite a few jobs, but only two careers. My first career
was as a social worker, followed by my second as a professional Dj, both have led me
indirectly to where I am right now, but I’ll explain more about that at a later time
in this blog.

#2. My internet journey started in September 2015, when I purchased a…

product on JVZoo. The lead up to that moment came about mainly because I suddenly realised
that after all this time, the jobs, the careers, I still had no plan of how my next
re-incarnation was going to manifest itself. What I did know however, was that
working a 9-5 helping someone else to live their dreams, was not going to necessarily
help me to live mine. So I searched around online for some kind of inspiration,
anything that could give me a mental foothold on an idea, a hunch, something that
didn’t involve working for an employer. That’s when I came across the term “Making
Money Online” or MMO as it’s now been abbreviated to, yes the proverbial rabbit hole,
and down I went…. Read more about this here.

#3. If you fast forward to this new year in 2019, I’m about to launch into something…

I’ve always wanted to do. I just didn’t know how much, and I didn’t know how to go
about it. The last three and half years have been interesting to say the least. I’ve
learned the truth, the good, the bad and downright SOS, (shiny object syndrome) about
how you go about being your own boss, and leveraging the world wide web, to do it.
Now apparently I was born in the year of the dragon, and ever since my wife told me
of this, I keep imagining myself stood on a cliff top. And in front of me there’s a
beautiful sunset, the sky is lit up with vibrant colours of red and orange, as the
night is drawing in. I’m aware that my arms are huge wings, but they are down by my
side as I look over the darkened void beneath my feet. Above me I can hear and see a
flock of dragons all heading towards the magnificent sun, their wings seem to span
the horizon itself. Its at that moment when it suddenly dawns on me, that the only
way that I can fly like a dragon, as I was meant to, is if I jump!

Sure I’m going to drop into the unknown void, but its then that I have to open my wings, and soar to the sky.
So here I am and this time it’s personal, it’s different and it’s real.

I have jumped and there’s no way back unless I fly. And that’s what I’m doing right now. And if you’re still reading this far down on my about me page, then maybe you yearn to fly, in a manner of speaking, just maybe you want to take charge of your destiny, and be the master of your fate.

If so, you’re at the right place at the right time.

Come, follow me on my journey as I build my Partnership to Success business, and maybe, we can fly together.

To Your Massive Success, Keith Watkins.

Just a thought, if you were to ask me about any information that I’d recommend that you consume right now to help you on your journey. Then without hesitation I would say this is it.

Seriously, attend this training, and make sure you take notes. This changed everything for me, so it can for you too!