Basically, the process of affiliate marketing is where you the
affiliate, make a commission on any sales you’ve generated on behalf of the vendor, through the promotion of their services and products.

So currently, the growth of the affiliate industry in general is pretty mind blowing. According to statistics, in the USA alone, the marketing spend in the industry is close to $5B. That’s a lot of commission, little wonder that a huge proportion of internet marketers’ debut on this platform.

I guess the No.1 advantage for the vendor, is the expansion of their buyers list, which in turn allows them to promote their wares to a much bigger audience. Overtime as the number of affiliates increases to promote their program, so does exponentially the amount of sales.

It’s a double-edged sword, in that the affiliate marketer saves a lot of energy and time, no product creation needed.

Every time a click is tracked on the link to their website, and a sale is made, the affiliate gets a commission. The vendor is more than happy to have an army of affiliates, because they don’t have to waste time and money looking for a new audience and subscribers.

So, here’s the plan: Let’s say you really want to join up with the ever-growing army of affiliate marketers and bid for financial freedom. Great, you’ll need a 3 Step Blueprint to kickstart your affiliate marketing adventure.

Here We Go,

Step #1. 
Ask yourself, what is it that you really have a passion for. Then zoom in on an important part of your interest, something that you’re knowledgeable in.

This will help to set you as an authority and allow you to demonstrate your prowess in the niche of your choice. You’ll find that you’ll be able to fulfill your customers basic three needs, when they are making a considered  buying decision.

Three questions to ask yourself about your audience and subscribers:

$ – Have they gotten to know me a little?

$ – Are they starting to like me now?

$ – And do they trust me enough to buy the offer?

Step #2. 
Research, research, and do so more research before you join up with any vendors and their programs. I know, not exactly exciting I admit. But there is a method to this, make sure that the services and products you want to promote are directly related to your website content, posts, domain name etc. It goes without saying that due diligence regarding the networks, program providers, vendors etc, is crucial when building your business. However, it will be worth it in due course, so you don’t need to rush this process, on the contrary, baby steps are what you take.

Step #3.
Ok, you’re all fired up like a rocket ship, because you want to get out there and launch a promotion. You’ve done your homework, painstakingly built your site. Excellent, stay in creative mode, and be very open minded, there will be a ton of new ideas bombarding you every which way.

But by now you’ll have this affiliate marketing revolution down, when the commissions start to roll in, just make sure you have some fun, and embrace the process.

Feel free to comment below,  and let me know if you are struggling with any of the above 3 steps.

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