The True Definition of Power Is Not Knowledge
– It’s Permission.

It’s seems that everyone is moaning about the amount of
advertising that bombards them day in day out. I’m sure you’ve
come across this at work or in your personal life. Nobody want’s
to be under siege by advertisers 24/7, do they?

Special Offer Advertising

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a good deal like the next surfer,
but don’t keep throwing it at me relentlessly ok?
There seems to be no respite when you go online, and it’s little
wonder that people feel suffocated at times.

According to >this report here< businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

So don’t hold your breath, I don’t see any major change on the horizon anytime soon.
The only way for consumers to shelter from the onslaught,
is through email marketing.
You remove all the unnecessary burden and allow your audience
to choose, rather than be hunted.

This creates a much more cohesive environment where consumers
are much more likely to engage and listen to what you have to say.

Never in the history of the internet has there been such a heavy
responsibility on the shoulders of anyone contemplating a marketing
campaign online. Depending on what part of the world you’re in,
there has been a lot of legislation that has come into effect as regards
how you engage online.

This has been driven by the need for your customer to actually
opt in to your email marketing. Which means they must find you
online via your site, blog or social media. This is crucial to the whole
concept of todays marketing online. People must give permission to
be wooed by your marketing material.

Online businesses, and especially internet marketers in general, have
to adhere to the needs of potential subscribers.
And it’s all protected by rock solid legislation.

*Do not transgress, the penalties can be harsh to say the least.

How is it that permission, has become the axis of power in email marketing?
Well, you must understand that unlike all the adverts that your subscriber
must navigate or avoid. They are much more likely to open your email,
and simply read and consume its content.

They are wide open to your content, as opposed to the torrent of ads they’re
being served, that they’d rather ignore.

This is where it gets interesting for your internet marketing
exploits. Let’s get real here, you never really know if your
message is hitting its target. Email marketing is the great
equalizer in the battle for online supremacy.

Send an email to your subscriber and its content therein
will hit home. Why? because its true power lies within the most
important component of the marketing itself…

The permission that’s been granted by the recipient of your message.

When we understand the significance of permission , we start to
appreciate how and why the customer responds positively to your
email marketing.

It’s because they truly want the value that hopefully you are providing.

And in turn you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line.

To be continued….

In part  3 ….Learn the one thing that all successful marketers do when
launching an email campaign.
Get this wrong and your campaign wont even get off the ground,
it’s so crucial to your marketing success.

Tell me, how’s your latest email campaign shaping up?

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